Imagine a Colorado public school that gives you the freedom to achieve lasting academic success no matter where you live within Colorado.  A school that puts today’s online technology in the hands of every student they work with and turn any room into a personal classroom.

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Proven Results
Branson School Online is helping students meet higher standards in learning.

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Why Branson
Branson School Online is a free Colorado public school delivered via the internet.

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About Branson
This free Colorado, Kindergarten -12th grade, public school is  accredited and diploma granting.

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A high-tech approach
Virtual classrooms with highly qualified & experienced Colorado teachers delivering instruction .

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Our school offers a number of unique benefits that enhance the education experience

QualityExperienceSupportTechnologyComputerDiplomaCommunicationAt a Glance
  • Quality CurriculumWe offer courses designed by our highly qualified Colorado licensed teachers.  Our goal is to help students meet higher standards in all classes with a focus on core learning areas of math, language arts, writing, science, and social studies.
  • Quality Instruction- Having quality curriculum is important, however, delivery of  instruction and support of the instructor are the distinguishing factors for a students exceptional school experience.   Our teachers care, communicate and connect with students.  A common theme of feedback from students and parents is that they know their teachers and have more interaction with them than they have at any prior public school.  Advancing the quality of the educational experience encourages learning.  The staff at Branson School Online has learning as their number one goal for each student.
  • Quality support- whether it is a technical issue or questions that would fall into the academic and guidance counseling expertise.  Students and parents are benefited from the expertise of the technology support team.  Our counseling department provides information and support throughout the year on topics of value to students and their families.  The counselors are also available for answering unique individual questions that students and their families have.  
Experienced Colorado Licensed TeachersOur teachers are both  highly-qualified in their subject areas and experienced in online teaching.  Many staff members  have been with Branson since the founding years of Branson School Online.  Having committed and constant staffing  has provided an unusual level of  continuity that has supported the teams interest in focusing on continuous improvement. Our students are benefited by teachers who provide personalized instruction and ensure students have the opportunity, support, and motivation to achieve their goals leading to their success.

Parents who have experience with Branson School Online speak out:                                                                                                                                                “We just wrapped up our sixth year at Branson School Online. We are about to start a new journey with the school…. High school! We absolutely love BSO and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a school that TRULY cares about your child & their education path. They base their education on what they themselves are capable of instead of what the rest of the state is performing at. It gives the child the option to excel to their full potential. It gives the parents a chance to be more involved in their child’s education, in an incredibly positive way. The student to teacher ratio is very manageable therefore, allowing each child an individualized learning plan that focuses on them. My son used to be in a typical brick & mortar public school, but because the learning plan was more designed for a typical child, he wasn’t able to reach his own full potential. Now he has learned to see his own potential & has been taught to set & reach goals that lead to success. We cannot say enough good things about the school except to encourage parents to join. “--Submitted by a parent Posted on May 25, 2012




Individualized Support - Licensed Colorado school counselors provide personalized academic guidance and support to students and families in Elementary, Middle School and High School.  They are recognized as guiding many of our high school students to the opportunity of participating in our Concurrent Enrollment option.  This allows qualifying students to take college courses and gain credit both for high school graduation and post- secondary credits via our arrangements with Colorado  Colleges.  Students, who are continuously enrolled with Branson School Online and meet the requirements for Concurrent Enrollment, can amass substantial college credits while completing their high school experience.  This provides these graduates with a head start in the college of their choice.  Having the benefit of being able to take classes in college while being guided and supported by our teachers and counselors increases student success while they are learning the college system and building their confidence.  This opportunity also provides students with motivation and encouragement.

Innovative Technology- Kindergarten – 12th grade students benefit from the use of technology.  Students attending our school access their curriculum and receive their instruction via the internet.  Teachers access, share and incorporate a wealth of other resources to enhance the learning experience and environment for their students.  Online and offline resources, e-mail, workbooks, library materials, and original source documents are prevalent.  Virtual and in person experiences, group and individual project learning, and other  learning tools/materials are used to complete a rich course of study in a multitude of curricula  all aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards.   Students learn in their virtual classroom, while they enjoy the  environment of their families choosing.  Our students come together as groups of like learners in our differentiated learning model.
A student computer is critical for this free public school, Kindergarten through 12th grade, since the delivery of the curriculum and instruction is done via technology.  For this innovative approach in education to work for Colorado students; they must have computers provided.  Recognizing this, the Branson school board authorized full-time students of Branson School Online the use of a district computer for their school work; assuring that all Branson School Online students are able to access their classes.   The school board  authorizes  supplemental funds to be used as reimbursement to  families for internet and required educational materials.  As you can tell, the innovative leaders of this school district had a very strong desire to bridge what is called in education, the “Digital Divide.”   Providing access to free quality public education for Kindergarten through 12th grade students throughout Colorado is the goal of the School Board and staff at Branson School Online.  
Colorado-Certified Diploma - Branson School Online students are members of the Branson School District RE-82 and as such receive state-certified instruction.  Upon completion of the required credits for graduation, Branson School Online students earn their diploma from Branson School District RE-82 and walk in the Branson School Online graduation ceremony.  Since the initial year that Branson School Online began, many students have graduated and successfully continued their post-secondary experiences.  Community College,  Four- year colleges, military, and trade schools have all been successful options for our graduates.  The career avenues chosen by those who have graduated from Branson School Online are as varied as the students who choose to be a part of this innovative choice in education.

Student-Parent-Teacher Communication- Branson School Online considers communication to be critical to student success.  We adhere to an inclusive communication model of regular, ongoing discussion about all phases of instruction, learning, and achievement.  Student ownership of their learning and their personal accountability for goal attainment is supported by this method of schooling.  We have found that our approach prepares students for both the expectations of post secondary institutions and future work environments.  Parents are informed, engaged, and involved in the support of their child and have a unique and beneficial partnership with our Branson School Online teacher that is instructing the student.  Our students get to learn in their home environment and yet have all the advantages and support that our public school system is designed to provide families.  For many families it is ideal and benefits student learning, family relationships, and aligns with both the interests and the values of their support system.

Specifically what can you expect once your student is enrolled?    

  • We provide the use of Branson District computer for school work only.
  • We assign the student a mentor/homeroom teacher to work with throughout the school year.
  • The teacher will work with the student, parents, and extended teaching team to develop a personalized education plan.
  • There is regular communication by phone, fax, and email between the mentor teacher, the student and their family.
  • Our students access all of their classes via the Internet.
  • Our students enjoy small class sizes.
  • Teachers provide small group instruction.
  • Teachers provide individual tutoring.
  • Students enjoy field trips, workshops, and group activities.
  • We reimburse up to $45 per month, during the 9 month school year, for an Internet connection and for educational expenses such as printer paper, ink cartridges, etc.

 Branson School Online is a public school, free to Colorado students.  Families provide the classroom that best meets their students needs. Branson provides the highly qualified teaching staff, curriculum aligned to Colorado Academic Standards, student instruction, academic counseling, workshops, and field trips focused on learning and community building. 

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